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Brown Recluse Spiders

December 8, 2014


  • Between 8 and 12 mm; 45 mm with its legs stretched.
  • Brown
  • Cephalothorax lighter than abdomen
  • Distinctive dark spot in the shape of a violin with the base heading forward
  • Most definitive physical feature: Eyes
    • Six equal-sized eyes arranged in three pairs (known as “dyads”)
    • One dyad at the front of the cephalothorax (the first main body part to which the legs attach)
    • As second dyad is found further back with a space separating the dyads from one another

Other Names

  • Also known as: “violin”, “fiddleback”, and “brown” spiders
  • Official name: “recluse spiders”

Where Found

  • United States


  • Prefer to live inside houses and other buildings
  • Weave a web in high and dark corners, behind paintings, or inside closets

Rumors about Its Bite

Stories of being bitten by Brown Recluse Spiders are greatly exaggerated, perhaps due to incorrect identification. While populations of Brown Recluse Spiders are rare, there are other species of recluse spiders.

When one bites, it is in self-defense. Interestingly, the majority of bite cases involve rolling on the spider while you sleep (38%) or while you are getting dressed (32%), usually in clothes that had been hanging for a long time.

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