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Oak Tree – Oak Moth Spray Treatment Service

As an insect native to California’s coastal regions, the oak moth may seem like a harmless natural part of the local ecosystem. However, large oak moth outbreaks can lead to severe defoliation of Coast Live Oak trees, potentially leaving these native trees severely weakened or even killing them. Additionally, the oak moth can also attack other deciduous tree species.

We tend to see severe oak moth outbreaks in a cycle that recurs roughly every three years. During these outbreaks, immature oak moths in the form of caterpillars feast on tree leaves to the point of killing off certain sections of a tree or even stripping the tree nearly bare of healthy foliage. Amid an ongoing infestation, the caterpillars often converge in large groups on the ground, the sides of buildings or on other outdoor raised surfaces. The caterpillars can also make their way inside homes or businesses, and although they don’t pose a threat to humans, their presence indoors can be an annoyance.

Professional extermination is the best way to quickly and effectively bring an outbreak under control, and Casner Exterminating offers both quick-jet injection treatments and oak moth spraying services to manage infestations and keep your trees healthy. A canopy spray treatment applies insecticide directly to the tree leaves, so caterpillars ingest the insecticide as they feed. This targeted treatment works quickly to bring the oak moth outbreak under control while also avoiding harm to other native insects and the surrounding environment.

In the early stages, the signs of an oak moth infestation can be subtle. Don’t wait until oak moth caterpillars devastate your trees and wreak havoc on your home’s landscaping and safety. Contact us today to learn more about our tree health services and schedule a consultation.

We currently provide oak tree spray treatment to the Salinas, Monterey, Hollister, and Gilroy regions.


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