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Carpenter Bees

December 8, 2014

Family Structure

  • Name: Can literally drill through wood to make nest
  • Drilling creates a 1/2″ hole that is nearly perfect
  • Hole is usually located on the underside of any wood surface (e.g., fascia, siding, soffits, etc.)
  • Female will then form a channel from about 6 inches to 4 feet where her eggs can grow.
  • Male acts as the lookout or guard. Ironically, he has no stinger! Only the female can sting.


  • Approximately 1 inch
  • Yellow and black
  • Become active in early spring
  • Resemble bumble bees, but have fewer hairs, shiny black abdomen, and no pollen sacs on the hind legs
  • Do not live in colonies
  • Rare to be stung by one, but sheer size is scary. People generally stay clear of them.


  • Nests, if left untreated, will result in widespread structural damage and expensive repairs within a few years.
  • Female goes in and out of the nest, so be patient and you will find the entrance

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