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Flea Prevention Tips

September 23, 2015

Flea Prevention TipsAs any pet owner can tell you, flea prevention is a crucial part of a pet’s basic care. Fortunately for both pets and their owners, there are plenty of ways to keep this pesky menace at bay. By maintaining a clean pet, a clean home, and a clean yard, the risk of a flea infestation is greatly minimized.

Flea Prevention Products

One of the most effective courses of action in the fight against fleas is the regular application of anti-flea products. Most pet stores offer a wide variety of such products, which can come in powder, spray, or shampoo form. Medicated collars are also a popular option, as well as medicated drops. A veterinarian should be consulted before applying any over-the-counter products to ensure they are safe and effective for pets. Additionally, all directions on the product packaging should be followed exactly. Improper dosing or application could not only be ineffective, but could potentially even hurt the pet. Even after consulting with a veterinarian, pets should be monitored carefully while using anti-flea products to make sure there are no adverse effects to any of the ingredients.

Flea Free Pet Routines

In addition to regular product application, routine pet care is crucial to the prevention of fleas. Since healthy pets tend to be less susceptible to fleas, a healthy diet and daily exercise is a simple step to take towards prevention. Pets should also be combed with a flea comb frequently, and should be regularly bathed with a pet-friendly shampoo. Fleas can be detected by combing or bathing them over a white towel; if black specks fall from the animal, fleas are present. Additionally, pet bedding should be routinely cleaned to ensure no fleas or eggs make a home within the fabric. Don’t take any space for granted! Fleas can hide anywhere, even between pets’ toes or in the seams of their favorite blanket.

Preparing the Home and Yard

A clean home is just as important as a clean pet when it comes to effective flea prevention. Floors and furniture should be kept well-vacuumed to prevent fleas from settling in and laying eggs, and vacuum bags should be immediately contained and discarded. If fleas are present when vacuuming, vacuum bags should be burned to ensure none of the pests escape. For outdoor pets, make sure to keep pet-accessible areas mowed and free of debris, since fleas and other pests tend to reproduce in overgrown environments. After walks or playtime, pets should be thoroughly checked for fleas before reentering the home. Preferably, cats and other small animals should be kept as indoor pets whenever possible.

Maintaining a clean pet, a clean home, and a clean yard are excellent steps in flea prevention, but nothing is foolproof. In case of an infestation, the best course of action is to call a professional exterminator to assess the situation and provide a solution. After all, when it comes to pets’ health and safety, why trust anyone less than the very best?

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