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How to Prevent Ant Infestations

August 26, 2015

How to Prevent Ant InfestationsAnts get into the house every year.
Everyone has been there: the first ant shows up and then the colony follows. How does one get rid of them?


Ground cinnamon does more than make cinnamon muffins. If the entrances of the ants are known, sprinkling ground cinnamon will help. When ants do show up, sprinkling cinnamon will get rid of them in a few hours. Other application methods include dipping a cotton applicator and drawing a line, or using cinnamon essential oil.

Why Does It Work?

The cinnamon works by disrupting the pheromones. Pheromones, or chemicals, are used by ants (and various other insects) to lead others to the food or water. Variations on this technique include ground coffee, chalk (any kind), and clove oil. All work on this principle. If a scent is not for the home, use the chalk method.

Other Home Remedies

  • Staying in the natural category for now, lemon juice and water is another preventative measure. Mix the two together well and spray around the entrances and where the ants shouldn’t be.
  • Dry, instant grits from the store also help. The grits work on dehydration. When ants eat them, the grits soak up all the water. No more ants.
  • Another home remedy that works well is vinegar and water. Spray in any area ants are coming in and watch them stop coming.
  • Dish soap is another thing that can be used. It has to be diluted a little bit, but it helps to deter the ants. Borax soap (make sure it isn’t old) is another remedy.
  • Another option is cayenne pepper. The same technique is used for the pepper as for the cinnamon. It also disrupts the pheromones.

Of course, any remedy is going to take a little time to work. Patience is required with all types of remedies.

Store Bought Traps

One good store bought trap is the Terro brand. This is a poison for the ants. However, it acts like food. Traps are available as are little bottles that can be poured onto cardboard.

Terro works like this: the ants will pick it up and take it back to the colony. This is what enables Terro to work. The ants take it back thinking it is food. Then the rest of the colony can eat it and the ants slowly die. It does take a while, but once dead, they won’t come back.

Another store bought trap that works well is the Grant’s Kills Ants brand. The trap kills ants. It also helps to prevent the ants from returning. Putting it at the infestation point (or entry point) is the recommended way to use this product.

Raid is a popular ant killer from the stores as well. This is a spray that is used for crevices, cracks, and any other place that ants can get in. The product is meant to deter the ants from returning. The smell has been described as lemon, but others dispute that. All agree, however, that it works.

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