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Pest Control and Exterminating in Hollister

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All homeowners in Hollister, CA should make sure that their home is pest and termite free. Many homeowners assume that their home has no pest or termite problems, but this can be a huge mistake.

People should never assume that their home is free of pests and termites. People should have their home checked on a regular basis for pests and termites. This can prevent potential problems concerning unwanted pests and termites. The best way to ensure that homes are pest and termite free is to have a professional pest control company like Casner Exterminating conduct a home inspection.

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Pest And Termite Inspections in Hollister, CA

During a home inspection, Casner Exterminating will check all areas of the home both inside and outside to determine the presence of any pests or termites. If pests or termites are discovered, Casner Exterminating can provide various options to remove the pests or termites.

The options typically include providing pest or termite services over a specified time period. Depending on the method, the services can be month-to-month or contractual. The treatment options vary depending on what is found during the home inspection. The services provided usually focus on removing the specific pests or termites found.

Free Home Pest Inspections

Regarding home inspections for pests and termites, homeowners in Hollister, CA should check with several pest control companies. The reason is because home inspection prices vary from company to company. In addition, some pest control companies may offer a free home pest inspection. There are numerous reasons why some companies will offer a free home pest inspection. A few of the most popular reasons include advertising promotions, advertising leads, and branding.


While pest such as roaches, spiders, and ants can be aggravating. Termites can be destructive. Termites can go unnoticed for a very long time. In some situations by the time termites are discovered, a tremendous amount of damage could have already been done to the home. This is why a termite inspection is always a good idea. A professional pest control company can discover the present of termites before significant damage has been done.

For people interested in pest control and exterminating services in Hollister, CA, Casner Exterminating provides a wide variety of pest control and exterminating services. Moreover, a free in home consultation is provided to people in the area. Do not take chances with pests and termites. Take a moment to contact Casner Exterminating today.

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No homeowner ever wants to find pests running around their place rampant. Thankfully, when you hire us at Casner Exterminating Inc., we work hard to eliminate all kinds of pest from your home. We are a locally owned and operated business right out of the San Jose, CA area that provides both pest control and termite exterminating services. [read more]
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