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Pest Proof Your Home this Spring

April 16, 2015

When the thaw of winter melts away and the temperature warms up, pests will begin to become more active. These pests may cause damage to your home and your belongings. More than that, they can also impact your health through stings, bites and more. While you may have many tasks on your spring to-do list, you may also consider the benefit of adding pest-proofing your home to your list. By following a few key tips, you can minimize the chance of an infestation in your home and keep pests at bay.

In the Kitchen

Many pests feed on items that are found in the kitchen, such as food and crumbs. They also may be attracted to the kitchen because of the water or the waste in your trash can. When you have pests in your kitchen, they can spread diseases and contaminate your food products. A smart way to minimize the chance of an infestation in the kitchen is to keep your food containers sealed, empty your trash can every day or two even if it is not entirely full and keep your counters clean.

In Your Bathrooms

Your home’s bathrooms may be prime locations where silverfish and other water-loving pests are drawn to. Moths are also drawn to moisture in the bathroom and on damp towels. Both of these pests can spread illnesses, and moths can damage your linens. You can minimize the chance of these pests being attracted to your bathrooms by keeping moisture to a minimum. Invest in a dehumidifier for your home, and keep your wet towels hung up so that they can dry out more quickly. You can also keep your drains closed in the bathroom as silverfish like to crawl up into the bathroom through open drains.

In the Bedrooms

Moths may also be attracted to your bedrooms due to the linens in these areas. Books and other paper items may also attract silverfish. You may consider using moth balls in your closets as needed. Another idea is to keep your ceiling fans on and to run a dehumidifier as needed to keep moisture in these rooms to a minimum. Keeping your windows closed on high humidity days can also be beneficial at keeping this environment dryer and less desirable for pests.

In Other Living Areas

The kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms may be some of the most common areas of the home where pests can be found, it is also common to find pests in living spaces. These may be in the furniture and floor boards in living rooms, game rooms, dens and other areas. Everything from mice to fleas, ticks and other pests are common in these areas. They can enter the home through dogs and cats, by crawling in through cracks and crevices and more. It is a good idea to keep your pets clean and well-groomed. You can also vacuum your floors and furniture. Be sure to move the furniture to clean underneath these items as well.

In Your Garage

You may not think about eliminating pests in the garage when you think about pest-proofing the home, but it is easy for pests to crawl into these areas through open garage doors and small cracks underneath a closed garage door. During the cooler months, a garage is a rather easy place for rodents and other pests to hide and seek shelter, and they may become more active during the warmer months. You can look for rodent droppings and signs of pest damage. You can minimize the chance of pest infestation by keeping your garage neat and tidy, using storage bins and keeping the garage door down and sealed as much as possible

You can follow these excellent tips now to start pest-proofing your home. However, if you have already noticed signs of an infestation in your home, a smart idea is to contact a pest control company for extermination service to eliminate the problem before it becomes significant.

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