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Roof Norway Rat

December 8, 2014


Norway Rats

  • Other Names: sewer or brown rats
  • Stocky rodents, burrow – larger than Roof Rats

Roof Rats

  • Other names: black rats
  • A little smaller than Norway Rats
  • Long tails (tails are longer than their heads and bodies combined)


Norway Rats

  • Burrows along foundations of buildings, under trash or wood piles, and in moist soil around fields and gardens
  • Line their nests with cloth, shredded paper, or other fibrous material
  • Usually remain in basements or on ground floor
  • Found throughout the United States. Prefer lower elevations; may exist wherever people live.

Roof Rats

  • Very nimble climbers
  • Prefer to live in trees or shrubs or dense vegetation (e.g. ivy)
  • Usually found in enclosed or elevated spaces like walls, false ceilings, attics, and cabinets
  • Found in a limited geographical range
  • Prefer Oceanside, warmer climates


  • Either eat or contaminate food
  • Damage structures and property by gnawing
  • Serve as hosts to transfer parasites and diseases to other animals and humans
  • Signs of their presence (see sidebar)
  • Together, the biggest pests in California: Roof Rat and Norway Rat
  • Important to recognize which species of rat is present in order to place traps or bait in the most effective locations

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