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December 8, 2014

Yellow Jackets are dangerous wasps found around homes and buildings


  • Nests are often found below ground in an old rodent burrow, under a landscape timber, in the wall of a building or a rock wall

Common Methods of Extermination

  • If the can find the nest, apply a wasp spray very carefully into the nest opening
  • Use a hand duster to dispense several puffs of insecticide dust into the opening of the nest
  • Never treat a Yellow Jacket nest until late at night.
    • Locate the opening during the daytime
    • Approach the nest slowly
    • Direct the beam of the flashlight down and to the side for indirect lighting so you don’t startle the Yellow Jackets
    • Place the light on the ground when you try to treat the nest

Yellow Jackets are extremely aggressive if you disturb them. It may be in your best interest to call a professional pest control company for this job.

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