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December 8, 2014

Pacific Coast Tick

Where Found

  • One of the most commonly found ticks in California
  • Found throughout the state except for the very dry regions of the central valley and the southeastern desert region
  • Oregon and Baja, Mexico (Furman and Loomis 1984)


  • Three-Host Tick: Commonly feeds on rodents – especially squirrels – as sub adults; and on cattle, horses, deer, and humans as adults

American Dog Tick

Where Found

  • Widespread throughout the United States as well as parts of Canada and Mexico.
  • In California, most frequently found along the coastal ranges along the length of the state; have been found in the central valley and along the eastern Sierra range (Furman and Loomis 1984).


  • Three-host tick: Feeds on rodents and lagomorphs during its sub adult life stages, and large mammals – frequently canids and humans – as adults

Diseases Carried

  • Most important carrier of the Rocky Mountain spotted fever rickettsia in the eastern United States
  • Also transmits the bacteria that causes tularemia (hunter’s disease)
  • Responsible for tick paralysis in some states

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