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Tips to Keep Campsites Pest Free

July 15, 2015

Keeping Your Campsite Pest FreeEnjoying the great outdoors can be all but impossible for those who are unable to keep their campsite free of pests. From stinging insects, like wasps and mosquitoes to flies and other pests that can create trouble both inside your tent and out, doing all you can to keep your space clean and pest-free could make a world of difference. Whether its simple cleanup of foods and other items that may attract pests to the professional removal services that may be needed to deal with an area-wide infestation, there are plenty of ways to ensure you are able to camp in greater comfort.

Keeping Your Campsite Clean

Basic cleanup and effective ways to store foods can drastically eliminate problems with flies, ants and other common pests. Even crumbs and trace amounts of sugary foods and drinks can create problems, so setting up camp further away from a waste collection point and making the extra effort to police your area would be to your advantage. While keeping your campsite clean and tidy is always a smart move, visiting a crowded campsite or placing your tent in an area that sees high volumes of visitors each season may find you faced with pest control issues that you may not be able to deal with quite so easily.

Avoiding Fragrant Products

Insects, small animals and even larger wildlife can all be attracted by scent. Avoiding any products or consumables that may be overly sweet or fragrant can allow you to avoid many potential pest issues. Campers would be wise to avoid products like:

Even sprays, candles and other efforts to repel insects and other pests may be of limited usefulness should you be packing, using or consuming a product that may be attracting them to your campsite in greater number.

Insect Repellent

Citronella candles, sprays that contain DEET and even the right choice of clothing can all be very effective in ensuring you are able to avoid bites, stings and the irritation that insects can cause when visiting the outdoors. Dressing in lightweight clothing, preferably garments that are darker and color and those that have long sleeves, or spraying your clothing and skin with repellent can provide a superior degree of personal protection. While citronella candles, mosquito coils and area-affect sprays may be useful in dealing with pests in larger areas, they may not always be sufficient to get the job done. For property and campsite owners seeking to deal with pest problems, the services of a professional may be required.

Obtaining Professional Pest Control Services

Treating an entire outdoor area or dealing with specific pests like wasps or mosquitoes can be a big help for ensuring that visitors have access to a more comfortable environment. Professional removal offers campsite and property owners many advantages, including:

  • Quick and Convenient Services and Pest Control Solutions
  • Long-lasting Results and the Means to Address Infestations That Are Chronic or Severe
  • Effective Removal of Venomous Pests and Stinging Insects

Periodic removal services or seasonal treatment of wasps, mosquitoes and flies will ensure that camping can be a more comfortable and enjoyable affair for those who wish to fully experience everything the outdoors has to offer. The experience, tools and resources that only a professional may be equipped to provide can be a very effective asset for ensuring that campsites are able to stay pest free.

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